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Your stay at the Allgäu Heart will be something special.
Days that will be remembered.
Professionalism, attention to detail and people who keep what they promise.
For us, it is a matter of course.

Monika & Harald Mäser

As hosts, we strive to make your holiday as carefree and unforgettable as possible.
We welcome you with our warm lifestyle.

Allgäuherz - former Goldenes Kreuz

With a lot of love for details and enthusiasm, we were able to realize our heart project – our own hotel in our home.
In the Allgäu heart, people are the center of action: the guest, the team and the family.


After completing my apprenticeship as a hotel manager, I enthusiastically dedicated myself to the field of catering. After years of hiking through America, Mexico, France and Asia, I headed the “Hippodrome Bars” (Sepp Krätz) at the Munich Oktoberfest for two years. For seven years I successfully managed the catering facilities of the well-known five-star hotel “Hochgurgl in the Ötztal”.

The Feneberg family ordered me to Kempten in 2000 to set up a high-performance catering service. Together with my wife Monika (born in Wiggensbach), we ran the restaurant “Zum Kapitel” for 8 years and expanded it into one of the undisputed pillars of the Wiggensbach community.

“Mäser`s EssKlasse” has picked up this trend! Companies and wedding celebrations can present themselves in our own or in our creative premises. This resulted in a catering company with steady growth. We looked after the event rooms in the Kemptener Kornhaus for 8 years with a lot of joy and passion. Pamper yourself at the Allgäu Festival Week.

Since 2018 we are really happy about our new “baby”.
After a major renovation phase of the golden cross, we opened the hotel under a new name: Mäser´s Allgäuherz directly on the market square in Wiggensbach with newly renovated rooms for holidaymakers and business travelers & completely redesigned rooms for your special events – be it a wedding, company party, Christmas party, meetings

Enthusiasm for what we do, surprising eye-opening moments and space for development offer something special in life.


Our strengths and our potential

When it comes to the well-being of guests, we leave nothing to chance:

  • attentive
  • freundlich,
  • lovable,
  • recorded,
  • competent, but …

… never pushy and always in the right place at the right time.


  • immer mit Leib und Seele bei der Sache ist
  • holds together and supports each other
  • Keep calm even in hectic times
  • Sees tasks and solves them

A team we can rely on. We are proud of you!

Thank you!


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Guests can cancel their room free of charge up to one day prior to arrival.

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Group bookings can be cancelled free of charge up to 14 days prior to arrival.


reliable & guaranteed

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The history.

Inn since 1680

Marktplatz 1 and hallway number 1, making the Allgäu heart probably the first house in Wiggensbach.

The princely court councilor at Kempten Abbey reports in a document dated January 11, 1681 that the two inns in the village collect little beer from the abbey brewery. Affects the Golden Cross and Kapitel inns.

The princely Kemptic Rentmeister (financial administrator) of the prince Stift Kempten Hans Gerung auctioned the well in Wiggensbach together with tavern (wine bar) and baking law, according to a charter No. 5398 HSTA dated October 29, 1954. This could be today’s Hotel Allgäuherz / Allgäustube.

From the log of the desolation in the town of Wiggensbach from 1699 is a Georg Heinrich Waldmann, owns a property that has been purchased by the most merciful rulers, including the tavern, house, courtyard and courtyard, with the attached baindle (translation) and summer garden.
A Georg Waldmann was already mentioned there in 1683.
The toe list (????) from 1720 mentions: Georg Heinrich Waldmann.

In 1738 a Josef Kreuzer appears as the owner
1772 Johann Baptist Kreuzer
1790 Joachim Kreuzer
1828 Johann Baptist Kreuzer
1828 Vinzenz Kreuzer
1884 Pankraz Greiter (Einheirat aus Hubers bei Wiggensbach)
1905 Anton Weixler
1907 Franz Josef Weixler
1910 Erhard Josef Elsässer
1913 Xaver und Maria Zeller (Zeller aus Riedlingen bei Wiggensbach)
1949 Georg und Franziska Zeller
1971 Richard und Annelies Zeller
2012 community of investors (tenant Schoppmann, tenant Krinninger)

2018 Harald and Monika Mäser (change the name “Landhotel Goldenes Kreuz” to “MÄSER´S Allgäuherz”)

The name of the inn “Goldenes Kreuz” probably originated from the name of the long-time Kreuzer family.
In the country tablets of Fürststift Kempten the property had 1882;

In the tithe list of the parish of Wiggensbach from 1720: The property was free of zenith, the tenants of Wiggensbach are to be given 10 cruisers annually.


MÄSER`S Allgäuherz

Marktplatz 1
87487 Wiggensbach


Telefon: +49 8370 206


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